Monday, July 04, 2016

Disappointment ~

Drove 250 miles to Schwaebisch Hall just to see this painting. But, just five days before, it had been sent to Berlin on loan. 


Charles said...

The Darmstadt Madonna (also known as the Madonna of Jakob Meyer zum Hasen) is an oil painting by Hans Holbein the Younger. Completed in 1526 in Basel, the work shows the Bürgermeister of Basel Jakob Meyer zum Hasen, his first wife (who had died earlier), his current wife, and his daughter grouped around the Madonna and infant Jesus. The meaning of the two other male figures on the left side is, like the overall iconography of the image, not entirely clear. The image testified to the resolutely Catholic faith of the Bürgermeister, who actively opposed the Reformation.
The painting was influenced by Italian Renaissance religious painting, with elements of Netherlandish portrait painting. Earlier located in Darmstadt, whence its title, the work has been on temporary loan to the Städelschen Kunstinstitut in Frankfurt am Main since 2004 and until 2011. As of 2012, the painting is at display in the Johanniterkirche in Schwäbisch Hall.
from: Wikipedia

James Zambroski said...

Is it a testament to age, culture or frame of mind: I would've called ahead to verify the work was still open to public display.

Charles said...

The disappointment was manageable because there was an excellent exhibition going on there --Picasso in Deutschland-- which we greatly enjoyed.

BobHazy said...

I'd take that trade: Picasso for Holbein! :)